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Posted on: Monday 01 July 2013 10:45pm by Sharon Miller

Sharon Miller is looking at the serious business of what makes children laugh. She’s producing a session which promises to be very funny, very interesting, thought provoking and engaging…..and Hacker will be there too!
TOP TEN TIPS TO MAKE ‘EM LAUGH! Thursday July 4th, Cinema 3 – 5.10 pm.
Sharon Miller
A lot of us will have tried to make children laugh.  Quite a few of us are paid to do so…But do we succeed?   Do we know what they find funny?  Do we know the magic ingredient to make a television programme that will have the children of the world – falling of their sofas…?  And wanting to watch more and more and more…
Top Ten Tips to Make ‘Em Laugh is all about that.  What it is that makes children laugh.   It’s a session that is explorative rather than prescriptive.  That is there will be a chance to listen, to talk and to find out.
Three top producers – will be there:   Steph Gauld (Egmont Publishing)  Producer of the brand new digital comedy Jelly Pie, Connal Orton Producer of 4 O’Clock Club (CBBC) and Sarah Muller Executive Producer of Strange Hill High (CBBC and Freemantle).  Each will offer their three top comedy  tips that have informed and led them to create their highly successful productions.
And all in the masterful hands of Jon Doyle – Producer and Co-Director of Laughing Gravy Productions. 
And on top of all that, Hacker will kick the session off with his Top Ten Laughs.
You have to be there.

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