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Posted on: Monday 01 July 2013 12:22pm by Dinah Lammiman


Dinah Lammiman is producing a session dedicated to Getting Children Listening. Here’s why you should be hearing what she’s got to say.

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Cinema 2, 0940 Friday July 5th

Your head is throbbing.  You really should have stayed off the shandies the night before.  So what better cure?  Come and sit back in Cinema 2 on Friday morning at 0940 and enjoy some truly awesome sounds.  Test out your ears on our sound effects quiz.  And find out more about audio for kids.

The new opportunity in our multi-media saturated world just might be an old friend – audio, or radio, or the wireless, however you like to think of it.

Audio for children is the low-cost, low-risk, opportunity for real experimentation and creativity.  And you don’t need multiple investors to be able to afford to do it.  Come along and be inspired by audio to blow your mind.

Oh – and there are prizes to be won – but only for those of you who are up for a challenge…

Panel features:  Susan Stranks, Abracadabra (formerly of TV’s Magpie), John Leagas, CBeebies Radio,  Gregory Watson, Fun Kids, Wendy Scott, Early Years Education Consultant and Paul Bennun, Somethin Else.


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Dinah Lammiman, Producer/Director – Three Black Cats and PastPorte

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Dinah has been making creative audio and TV for some time. She had a long career in news and current affairs at the BBC before an inspirational career dogleg took her to CBeebies where she discovered her love of children’s audio and video. Since then she’s been using different media… Read more