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Posted on: Monday 01 July 2013 11:51am by John Kent


John Kent will be one of the team bringing you the bits you missed at the CMC, through the blogs. The blogs are a great way to get even more from the conference. Here’s a hello from John…..
John Kent
These pre conference posts are supposed to introduce the bloggers. Part of the  brief from Ian the blog editor is to say ‘who you are and say what you do’.
The first bit’s easy. I’m John Kent. The second bit I always find trickier. I’ve been lucky enough to work in radio, TV and digital. Latterly its mostly digital – my business card says Digital Director at Kids Industries. And before that I was the interactive Exec at CBeebies. But I still tend to think of myself as a TV producer. Why’s that tricky to admit? I feel really lucky to do what I do – but I’m worried that I might get found out and have to find a proper job!
This is only my third visit to CMC, but I’m look forward to it with eager anticipation. From methods of distribution through to funding models and revenue streams it’s fascinating how much is changing in the media at the moment. I have no doubt we’ll be hearing how things have changed in the 10 years since CMC began – and it’s always good to hear industry consensus. But equally, over the last year i’ve become increasingly convinced that it’s just the technology that’s changed: children are still children – they still want to play, they still want to learn and they still want to laugh at fart jokes.
So while we have to think about how harness the technology in children’s media, for me, spending time with people who are passionate about making stuff for kids is a brilliant! I’m looking forward to being inspired to think differently and to be provoked to challenge my own approach to the way I work.  And the chance to catch up on the gossip with friends and colleagues is a bonus too!
So, roll on next Wednesday… Looking forward to seeing you there. (and Happy 10th Birthday CMC!)


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