Getting into the blogging habit.

Posted on: Monday 01 July 2013 12:45pm

The CMC offers valuable work experience to student volunteers, who’s input is crucial to the conference.
One such volunteer is Mandeep Kaur, who will be the editorial assistant to the blogging team. Here’s what’s she’s looking forward to this week.
My name is Mandeep and I am a Marketing Communications and Advertising student at Sheffield Hallam. When I’m not busy being a fun, socialable and hardworking student, I work part time at Boots The Pharmacy as a customer assistant. I am also currently a Social and Digital Marketing assistant at Fluent Communication and also undertaking an internship at Aardvark Swift as a Marketing and Social Media intern.

I only started blogging a few months ago at Fluent Communication and loved every part of it! Seeing people repost your blogs is so exciting and all part of the fun! I love the research element and offering the chance to voice your own opinion. I want to blog because I think it is something I do well in, and finding something I do well in can seem quite difficult and challenging.
The thing I am most looking forward to at the Children’s Media Conference is the blogging element and providing the live information to people who can’t attend the event. I love working in a fast paced environment so I’m looking forward to the running around and trying to fix the last minute problems that may occur (hopefully not that many). With the actual event I am interested in the different sessions that will be running and how they will differ from each other. 

It is evident to see there has been a lot of changes in children’s media since I was a child. Nowadays children’s media is more educational, allowing children to learn new things. Why do I think this?
Well I’m exposed to a lot of children’s media as I have nieces who force me to watch Dora The Explorer on a regular basis. I think that children’s media is trying to be more educational while attempting not to promote any danger and harm to children (as governed by the OFCOM/ASA rules).  I do feel these have become tougher over the years,  as parents are able to voice their concerns over something that may affect their children.
Look forward to meeting you at the CMC.