CMC – The Practicalities

Posted on: Monday 01 July 2013 7:09pm

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A few tips to make CMC easier to navigate…

First stop is registration in the Workstation.  This is where you collect your badge, your delegate’s bag and guide, and tickets for Pizza, Workshops and the International Exchange if you have booked them. A cloakroom is available. (It can take luggage).

Venue info and our City Guide can be found here. 

Wednesday Workshop lunches start at 12noon in each of the Workshop venues.

The International Exchange lunch on Wednesday is in the HUBS.

The Frank Cottrell Boyce keynote in the Crucible Theatre starts at 6pm, followed by the Laughing Gravy Reception at 7.15pm at the Millennium Gallery.

Thursday sessions start at 9.30am, culminating in the Jeff ‘Swampy’ Marsh Creative Keynote at 6.15pm in the Crucible.

Followed by the two Pizza suppers and then of course our Anniversary Party from 10pm in the HUBS.

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