10 Game Design Principles for the Next 10 Years

Posted on: Sunday 30 June 2013 10:54am by Olivia Dickinson


Producer Olivia Dickinson invites you to discover the 10 Game Design Principles for the Next 10 Years in Showroom Cinema 3 at 1 p.m. on Thursday, with Carla Engelbrecht Fisher,  from No Crusts Interactive.

Are both our kids and technology getting ahead of us? Of course not – some things are universal, no matter what the platform or when they are applied. Come and explore game design principles and the developmental psychology behind them, getting a great foundation of kid-focused good design along the way, setting you up for the next 10 years.

Carla Engelbrecht Fisher….

….writes one of the most popular blogs for Kidscreen, Kids Got Game [http://kidscreen.com/category/blogs/kids-got-game/] and she’ll be counting down the top 10 game design principles and explaining developmental psychology along the way.

Vygotsky and scaffolding, dialogic play, concrete operational stages, zone of proximal development – you’ll get it all after this session and be inspired to create some brilliant games. And if you have any questions, there’ll be a Q&A with Carla at the end of the session.

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