Somebody thinks I’m 3 today

Posted on: Saturday 29 June 2013 8:57am by Jayne Kirkham


Jayne Kirkham celebrates her third year at the CMC as a blogger.

I’ve just had notification from a blogging site that will remain unnamed (to protect the innocent) that this is my ‘third birthday.’

They gave me a picture of a tacky cupcake. Now I really don’t like cupcakes: not my thing at all. If it really was my birthday, I’d much prefer something like this enormous onion which has its own built in candle/fuse. I think said unnamed blogging site means I’ve been blogging at CMC for the past two years. If you’ve been before, I hope you have found my missives useful.

I’d like them all to be in verse or at the very least singable but we’ll see: there are too many lovely people to catch up with, things to think about and pizzas to eat to spend too much time in a quiet corner composing. As a freelance writer, I love coming to the CMC. I love celebrating this brilliant industry with like minded people, I love catching up on new trends and practices, I love eating out of brown paper bags. This tenth anniversary year will be extra special. If you see me crying, I’m choked with pride to be part of such a great event. It will definitely not have anything to do with having set fire to a whopping great onion.

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