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Posted on: Saturday 29 June 2013 8:55pm by Jan Leventhall


Jan Leventhall is one of the blogging team who will be offering all the best bits from the CMC over the next week. The team’s blogs will be a great way to catch up on sessions which you couldn’t get to.

Jan Leventhall

Hello there – my name is Jan and I may be the oldest new kid on the block at the CMC.  This is my first time blogging and my first time at the conference as it didn’t exist when I last worked in media production!  After a 20 year career as a researcher, script editor, and development executive for children’s television (ITV), I have spent the last decade working in education.

So when asked if I would like to be a blogger it was easy to say yes with the prospect of week immersed back in Children’s Television and Media placed before me.  Now it seems so daunting to see how the industry has changed, how much I have to learn and all the unfamiliar names on the delegate list.

When I was last working for ITV, children’s programmes still had guaranteed slots on the mainstream broadcast channels!  With early retirement looming I am about to take up an MA course and hope to focus my research on the changes in the Children’s Media Industry.

I am excited by many of the research sessions, which promise to be really informative and stimulating. So with leggings, fashion handbag, bling ring merchandise and iPad packed, I am off the to the CMC.  Am I nearly there yet? No, I’m only at a new beginning and I look forward to meeting and learning from as many of you as possible during the week.


Jan Leventhall

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Jan Leventhall

Formerly Development Executive for Children’s and Young People’s Programmes at Central/Carlton Television, Jan was involved in the development of a range of children’s programmes including ‘Press Gang’ and ‘Harry’s Mad’.  She was the originator and associate producer of seven series of the multi-award winning C4 series ‘Wise Up.’  More recently… Read more