A bright future for kids?

Posted on: Saturday 29 June 2013 8:51am by Tim Jokl


The Next 5 Years: Is the Future Bright for Children’s Media? Tim Jokl looks forward,,,

Research Sessions 6 Thursday 4th July 2013 15:30 @ Showroom Cinema 1
Research Sessions 4 Friday 5th July 2013 14:00 @ Showroom Cinema 1

This research began early this year with CBeebies asking the clever types at BBC Research & Development what things might look like in 5 years’ time.

A large chunk of our audience was suddenly trying to access CBeebies via Tablets. It got us wondering if other shifts were creeping up on us.

We began a conversations with dozens of BBC Technologists about Tablets, Smartphones, IPTV, Games, HTML5, Storytelling, Apps, even good old-fashioned sitting at a PC, and built up a fairly robust picture of the years ahead.

The big headline is the future is undoubtedly bright for Children. It might be less bright for sections of the TV industry, especially if we fail to keep up with what look like pretty seismic changes ahead.

There are also challenges and – we predict – solutions for parents as they attempt to steer children toward the best content in an era of plenty.

The session will mix hard data and ideas. The hope is people will leave feeling armed with insights and excited about the possibilities for making children’s content in new ways, in way that stands out in a flooded market.

The research will be present by Tim Jokl of CBeebies and Vicky Spengler of BBC R&D.

By the way, we are hoping to keep this conversation going, and invite interested parties to take part on this unofficial blog…


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Tim Jokl, Senior Producer, CBeebies Interactive

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