Entertainment – It’s Natural!

Posted on: Friday 28 June 2013 10:24am by Sai Pathmanathan



Sai Pathmanathan is producing a session which promises to be entertaining. Here’s how that can help you as a children’s producer, whatever your genre.

Sai Pathmanathan

‘Entertainment – It’s Natural’ is part of the Edutainment strand and stems from research where children have learnt real science from entertainment shows.

We’ll be looking at the ways in which different media entertain children, while helping them learn about the natural world through gripping stories, gaming, interactive and hands-on elements, age-appropriate humour and eye-catching visuals.

If you work in children’s television, games, educational media, or you’re an educationalist, writer, museum/gallery professional or just interested in popularising science in novel and innovative ways…this session is for you. Attendees will take away just how powerful informal learning through entertainment, is.

Moderated by Nicola ‘The Really Wild’ Davies, our panelists include Jonny ‘Deadly60’ Keeling, Sharna ‘WonderMind’ Jackson, Myles ‘Pedro and Frankensheep’ McLeod and Fran ‘Absolute Genius’ Scott.

So, remember to come to Cinema 3, Showroom Cinema on Friday 5th July at 9:40am. Go on, write it down in your diary now…


Sai Pathmanathan, Science Education Consultant – Freelance

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