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Posted on: Thursday 27 June 2013 10:22am by Dave Hill

Dave Hill, a freelance writer and content producer, is new to the blogging team this year. This week all the bloggers will be introducing themselves to delegates – and here Dave looks at how he’s turned children’s media user… into children’s media provider.
When I was younger I loved watching ‘Going Live’, reading ‘Roy of the Rovers’ and playing on the Atari… Terry Nutkins and Roy Castle were my heroes.  That probably reveals more about my age than I’d normally want to share, but perhaps it also tells you that I enjoyed growing up in a country with a wide range of children’s media.  I’m sure I’m not alone in viewing my childhood through rose tinted glasses… perhaps the golden age of children’s media adjusts in line with the person who’s reminiscing, or perhaps it’s now.  Nevertheless we’re blessed with a rich heritage of truly wonderful (and truly naff) children’s media.  And today in 2013 it’s no different.Now that I’m in my twenties (….alright thirties), I’m lucky enough to be a part of creating a wide variety of UK based children’s media. I develop content and write scripts for BBCLearning and CBeebies, produce multimedia, educational resources and lead a team of over 80 volunteers who work with children.  I consider it a huge privilege to attend CMC 2013, to hear from experts in the industry and to better understand the trends affecting children in the UK and beyond.  I like taking notes, so blogging seemed like the perfect opportunity…


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Dave Hill, Writer and Content Developer – Freelance

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Freelance, Writer and Content Developer

Dave has worked on numerous projects across broadcast, education and publishing. Main contributions include: - Content developer and writer for 'Shusshh Listen,' 'Always Remember To...' 'Pablo and His Dogs,' CBeebies Radio & 'Together,' BBC Learning. - Production team for 'Let's Celebrate,' CBeebies & '15 Children and Counting,' Channel 4 -… Read more