Entering the Blob!

Posted on: Thursday 27 June 2013 9:35pm by Niel Bushnell


Niel Bushnell is the latest member of the blogging team to look ahead to the CMC….


This is my first year as a blogger for the Children’s Media Conference and, even before I’ve arrived, I’m exhausted! Too many late nights? Hardcore drink and drugs? Animation deadline looming with render glitches to fix? No, it’s worse than that; I’ve just looked over the CMC timetable, and decisions make me very tired. I’ve been to the conference before, so I should really know what to expect. Even so it feels like I’m entering the jammy core of the Blob from the 1958 film of the same name – each year it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

My career has seen me shift from comics to 2D animation to computer games to 3D animation to web to publishing, so it’s great to see my own interests and experiences reflected in the broad spectrum of topics covered at the conference, as well as areas new and terrifying to me. It seems that as soon as we create a new market, platform or device animation is already there, waiting to exploit it, pushing it’s way into the crevices, absorbing everything in its wake. That ever-shifting gloop can be daunting, exciting and depressing all at once, so it’s doubly important that we come together at events like this to hand-hold each other into the future.

New experiences are great of course, but the best part of joining this industrious mass is how many old friends I get to catch up with, and hopefully I might have time to make a few new ones, unless I fall asleep from exhaustion.

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