What’s ‘good’ in children’s digital media?

Posted on: Wednesday 26 June 2013 8:19pm by Nick Walters


This week producers will giving a taste of what’s in their sessions at the CMC. Here, Nick Walters, asks “What’s Good?’ in the digital world.  

Find out more on Thursday July 4th, 3.40pm, Showroom Cinema 3.

Excessive in-app payments. Too much screen time. Dubious learning value. All problems related to digital experiences for kids that have made the headlines recently. So in the ‘What’s Good?’ panel on Thursday, we’ll what be asking what the children’s media industry can do to promote the positive side of digital interactivity for kids.

We’ll be tackling some of the big questions – who’s job is it to help parents find good quality digital experiences? How do we as industry encourage more investment in quality – and are current app commercial models part of the solution or part of the problem? And what do we even mean by ‘good quality’ anyway?

Helping us answer these questions will be a panel of opinionated senior execs from across the industry including Eric Huang (Development Director, Mind Candy), Diana Stepner (Head of Future Technologies, Pearson), Juliet Tzabar (Managing Director, Plug In Media) and Marc Goodchild (Children’s Media Foundation) and plus some smart observations from industry commentator David Kleeman to kick us off.If you’ve ever thought that kids digital experiences could be better, then this session’s for you. Thursday July 4th, 3.40pm, Showroom Cinema, Cinema 3.

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Nick Walters, Founder – Hopster

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Nick is Founder at Hopster, a new start up building a television, play & learning platform for pre-schoolers. As such he spends a lot of time worrying about the question of ‘What’s Good?’ – even if he doesn’t yet have all the answers. Prior to founding Hopster he spent a… Read more