Slicing up the Pizza

Posted on: Wednesday 26 June 2013 11:52pm

Main Content Inline SmallThursday 4th July, 8pm – 10pm

Book your Pizza place now

The fabled Pizza Express supper – now back on Thursday night just before the big party – has been a feature of CMC since Year 1.

In those quieter days, 25 people attended a “speakers dinner” and the tradition was born.  Now the Pizza Express night is the hot ticket of CMC and it books out, as we can only take a couple of hundred in the Devonshire Street Branch.

But fear not flan-fans, in response to the desperate needs of the CMC in-crowd, Pizza Express have opened another branch in Sheffield – and we’ve booked that too!  The St Paul’s Place restaurant is in the centre of town, and we’ve taken a section of the restaurant at the same time on the same night.  Bookings for the St Paul’s place Pizza Express are open now.

It’s the same system – a set menu, with some simple starters, then a range of Pizze (including veggie options) that arrive as soon as they’re cooked, and everyone tucks in. Plus two free drinks per person.  All for £22.50 +VAT.

If you’re a regular or a first timer – it’s a great way to meet old and new chums. No-one ever gets left out at the CMC Pizza party!

Book here to grab your place.

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