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Posted on: Friday 21 June 2013 3:21pm

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Not Jose Mourinho (this time), but better still – Celine Chesnay, Preschool and Young Childrens Animation Manager at France Televisions, has signed up to join the international buyers at the Exchange.

Céline will be representing the French public service broadcaster and is responsible for youth programming on France 3, France 5, and France Ô on air and online. Céline is looking to acquire content as well as discuss potential co-production and partnership opportunities.

David Kleeman is the newly appointed Senior VP, Insights Programs and PlayVangelist at PlayCollective in the US. (We love the new title David!)  David is on a research mission as head of PlayCollective’s Insights Programme.  He wants to know about innovative concepts in media, toys, games or experiences that tap into the changing ways that children and families play and learn.  He’s also at the Exchnage to offer PlayCollective’s research, strategy and brand/content/business development services to media makers.

Hadzelynda Khairuddin, is Assistant Vice President at Astro Ceria in Malaysia.  Hadzelynda is looking for UK kids’ content – particularly new media content – as well as co-production and partnership opportunities. Astro is a leading consumer media entertainment group and broadcaster in South East Asia.

If you haven’t done so yet – sign up for the International Exchange.  We’ve invited a wide range of international guests specifically looking to invest in the UK, acquire content (linear and interactive), co-produce, or seek out UK writing and animation talent.

Our exclusive online booking system allows registered Exchange delegates to book into one-to-one meetings with all our international guests to make the most of your time at CMC.

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