Posted on: Friday 13 July 2012 9:57am

We’ve spent the week since CMC thanking speakers, moderators, session producers and some of our key contributors…

Lane Merrifield – Keynote at the Crucible (Photo:

Including Lane Merrifield, co-founder of Club Penguin, double Carnegie Medal-winning author Patrick Ness, the ‘Amazing World of Gumball’ Team, presenters Caellach Spellman, Saira Kahn and Mark Lawson, and luminaries, Reg Bailey, Joe Godwin, Paul Jackson, Jason Krogh, Ian Livingstone, Nigel Pickard, Ben Roberts, Sander Schwarz, Josh Selig, Michael Acton Smith and many more.

And of course we’ve been thanking our team, our fantastic volunteers, and the CMC Advisory Committee.

We owe a big debt of thanks to our Sponsors too. We couldn’t organise the CMC without them.

We should also send a big thank-you to the CMC delegates. This open and collaborative conference needs open and collaborative people to populate it, contribute to the debate and share what they know. Once again our delegates proved themselves fantastically committed to the best audience anyone could serve, and to each other. They’re a special bunch!

There was such a positive buzz at this year’s conference. Editorial Director, Greg Childs, expressed that in an interview for KidScreen: “…what I’ve experienced this year is a real sense of just getting on with it. We’re finding out where the revenues lie, we’re finding out where the new routes to creativity lie, we’re finding out what the audiences want and we’re providing it in new ways.”

If you’re following up on things you missed, or you couldn’t make it to Sheffield this year, the searchable blog-reports of each session are available on our website, and a growing list of the speakers’ presentations are available to download from those blogs.

And if you just want to relive the CMC experience for a couple of minutes,Tom Webb, one of our volunteers, made a short film on the first day of CMC 2012, in and around the Showroom, Crucible and other venues. Enjoy!

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