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Posted on: Friday 06 July 2012 10:08am

  1. Blogger : Alison Kimberley

“when life is full of cartoons, picture books and colourful TV, it’s easy to see a child’s world as predominately visual. But what about the incremental value that audio can create for brands’

Multi platform is big business and I think there is a lot of traffic within multi platform towards, online games, interactive apps, but we must not forget audio!

The first thing that I think of when contemplating audio and the under 4’s is nursery rhymes, they stay with us forever and if your parents won’t sing them for you how do we learn them?

With audio books, music, songs and nursery rhymes, radio stations and pod casts, audio is big business.

‘Audio- over 7 million children 4-15 listen to the radio each week for a total of 7% million hours.’


The session took the format of Paul Robinson in Discussion with Tim Collins, Jo Dawson, Matt Deegan and Juliet Dawson. The panel discussed, FunKids radio ( Horrid Henry, Dennis the Menace and The Wiggles.

They also discussed how those brands have been successful across multi-platform, but in particular audio.

The speakers were extremely passionate about all things sound, from radio and songs, to sound effects and audio books. Jo talked about the perfect casting for the Horrid Henry audio books and Juliet the future of The Wiggles.

Some useful pointers from the session:

  • Theme tunes and music hold the story together.
  • Celebrity personalities make for great marketing and PR within audio books but don’t matter to the children.
  • Audio is used to promote imagination and can go far.

I just hope that one day The Wiggles will, join with Dennis the Menace and Horrid Henry and make a super band and Gnasher will play drums.

Session Produced by Joe Friel

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