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Posted on: Friday 06 July 2012 12:55pm by Sanjay d'Humières

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Shape It, Pitch It! That was the name of one of the workshops dedicated to pitching attended by some 50 delegates all eager to improve their skills on this difficult and sometime daunting art form. Workshop producers Dinah Lammiman and Jason DaPonte led this afternoon session steering participants onto the path of commissioning success.

The session was all about developing skills to gain confidence, being concise when making a presentation and selling ones idea as the new best show to people who can make or break your idea or/and project.


Some delegates submitted their ideas prior to arriving at this year’s Conference giving the opportunity to the panel composed of commissioning expert to scrutinise every idea and provide more thorough feedback and advice.

Participants were split into small groups and each was tasked with discussing an idea brought to the table and develop it into a pitchable concept. We even got a cold pitch which was very interesting too!

The quality of the ideas were surprisingly good with some of the panel members showing clear enthusiasm for the work presented and discussing it at the end of the session with their originators.

Speaking to some of the delegates after the session gave me the impression that they found all the tips and advice useful and felt much more confident and motivated to pitch to commissioners.

No ideas discussed during the session were mentioned in this post for IP protection.

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