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PJ Playlist
Introduced and Produced by: David Kleeman, President, American Center for Children and Media.

For those who thought children’s television was the same all around the world, PJ Playlist was able to disprove that notion in an eye-opening 30 minutes of the world’s finest children’s programming. From birthday parties for corpses to a pig obsessed with sunglasses, David Kleeman, President of ACCM, treated his audience to Prix Jeunesse 2012’s finest children’s entertainment.

With such creativity and inspiration gained from watching international programming, David offered a stark warning. Never try to recreate it. Do look for tiny bits of inspiration from them, but never remake them in your home nation as it’s likely to lose all meaning.

However, the message remained – watch and broaden your knowledge of international children’s television. The most effective way to do this is to see the program through the eyes of who its created for. This way, cultural and language barriers are eliminated.

Amongst this celebration of international excellence, David offered his audience a reminder of one of the industry’s greatest pitfalls. Illustrated by a playful and fun rendition of Annie the Musical’s “It’s a Hard Knock Life”, the music video “It’s a Hard Knock Life For Girls” demonstrated that all is not yet equal for girls and boys in young people’s media. It must be made apparent that this is an international phenomenon.

With greater representations of girls in more positive and lead roles, comes greater engagement and enjoyment of children’s television. This can also encourage and construct a happier and more roundly developed generation.

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