Meet the Commissioners: Publishing

Posted on: Friday 06 July 2012 2:01pm

Blogged by Tina Boonstra

Three publishing firms give the low down on what they want and what they don’t.

Orchard: Looking to expand author led young adult fiction, as well as for middle grade (8-12) audiences. Fresh content, different types of storytelling, trend leading not trend following. We want a strong voice of the story teller or protagonist, speaking to the target audience.

Penguin: We’re looking for a clear vision, we want to get it in one sentence. We’re not looking for one off ideas, but I.P and brands that can be developed. It’s not necessarily about whether it will be digital or physical, but more about the brand and the characters that can grow in a number of different directions.

Red Hot Key: We’re aggressively acquiring for 9-19 age range. Focussing on developing ebooks, apps and enhanced ebooks with additional content such as video, audio, games and bonus content. We don’t want to publish for gaps in the market, it has to be different. Most of all its got to be a great concept with a great voice.

Speakers: Rebecca Frazer, Editorial Director, Orchard Books, Eric Huang, Publishing Director Media and Entertainment, Penguin, Sara O’Connor, Editorial Director Print & Digital, Hot Key Books

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