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Posted on: Friday 06 July 2012 1:30pm by Alison Kimberley

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‘The lowdown on working with Malaysia including members of the international exchange delegation.’

For those of us (even after a Partying till daylight in the HUBS) who did make it to the 9:30 session ‘Focus on Malaysia’ it was well worth it.

The session was introduced by Billy Macqueen as we were lead on a journey of understanding of what Malaysia is creatively creating at the moment.

It felt like a wonderful role reversal as the panel showed, us the audience their show reels, and the highlights of the projects they were working on and then explained the skills they were after for co-production.

From the session we learnt that the Malaysia has 2 support networks that assist with the creative industries. MDEC and MSC provide many incentives for its collaborations.

The companies that were represented at the session were:

The work they all showed was to a very high standard and being a fan of cartoons I can’t wait to see them again.

So any writers, or audio specialists look them up, good luck and watch out for the work!

Session Produced by Tom Cousins


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