Tears Tantrums and Total Involvement in Purchasing Decisions

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2012 4:54pm

Blogged by Alison Kimberley

“300 familes told us how they decide what TV to watch, Which car to buy and much more. We unravel the most valuable decision making process in the UK”

Once upon a time pocket money used to buy our penny sweets, a Polly Pocket or even perhaps a picture book, but today’s session led by Maurice Wheeler explained his findings whereby children are in some cases becoming a lot more involved with family purchases: children are influencing the choise of car, holiday, or even home.

There are many factors affecting how much control children are having over their families’ purse strings. For example traditional and nuclear families are less likely to include their children in decision making towards purchases.

Non-traditional families feel less pressure to comply to society’s accepted norms.

Economic Stability and working : time with children ratio can also affect children’s inclusion in decision making. Families with a higher disposable income are more likely to include children. Families who spend fewer hours with their children are more likely to include the children in the spending choices.

There is of course a final factor that provides children with control – when they are more technically savvy than there parents and in those cases children are often relied upon for their knowledge.

This seems a perfect way to get Mum and Dad to spend more money on the very best technology so the kids look cool on the playground. “so watch out!!’

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