Meet the Commissioners: Public Service

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2012 3:34pm

Blogged by Jon Hancock.

There were some longer presentations and showreels which left less time for questions – but here’s the pithy bits all in one place about what commissioners are looking for.

Gemma Brady – Editor, Channel 4 Education

Commissioning content for 14-19’s principally, that connects with the values of Curiosity, Fearlessness, Cheekiness, and content “with Heart”. She said there were some opportunities still available for 2012, and £4m ring-fenced for 2013. Be aware though that content currently well-served is Youth unemployment, bullying, financial literacy.

Follow the team on Twitter: @c4education




Sioned Roberts – Content Commissioner, S4C

Sioned is seeking the following content:

For “Cyw” (pre-school brand)

  • A fun literacy format – Welsh alphabet different to UK!
  • A fun science format using digital media
  • An original overall approach to pre-school age group.

For “Stwnsh” (pre-school brand)

  • Comedy for older age group
  • New digital format – kids chasing content across multiple platforms (an event/season, kids have to chase the content)
  • Strong Factual Entertainment formats – real children doing real things.

Find out more:

Be aware though of the budget limitations: £40k/hour given as an example of a good price for a docu. And, a company would need to have people in place/a relationship with company of people who can speak Welsh!

Kay Benbow – Controller, CBeebies

The multi-award winning channel broadly splits its portfolio between 2-4’s and 4-6’s where multiple quotas have to be met. Kay is currently looking for:

  • Girl leads in animations.
  • Putting a twist on trad. pre-school ideas.
  • Something she doesn’t know she wants!
  • New talent with an authentic voice.

Michael Towner and Catherine McAllister are the Exec contacts for TV and Interactive respectively.


Abigail Appleton – Head of Commissioning, BBC Learning

A rolling commissioning set-up across all platforms, Abigail highlighted the work of the Learning Zone (Katy Jones as lead on this). In terms of opportunities for the future…

  • Great when people bring ideas we don’t know we want.
  • More innovation in the face-to-face space. What’s the connection between face-to-face and online (existing projects that explore the face-to-face and TV connection)

Joe Godwin – Director, BBC Childrens

Joe spoke with his normal warmth, wit and charm (he told me to write that) but didn’t have time to outline too many commissioning opportunities within CBBC. What he did say was that no subject is out of bounds, as long as it’s treated properly – as the successful, often Indie-made, My Life testifies.

CBBC Execs are listed in the Delegate Contacts.


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