Meet The Commissioners – Mind Candy

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2012 2:13pm

Blogged by Jayne Kirkham.

Speaker: Michael Acton-Smith, CEO, Mind Candy
Produced and introduced by: Julie Adair, Adair Digital Ltd

HUBS C positively crackled at lunchtime. Partly due to the opening of crisp packets but mostly it was anticipation – we’d all heard rumours that Moshi Monsters are commissioning….

“Yes yes,” we munched impatiently as Michael Acton-Smith brought everyone up to date on the massively successful year those moshlings have had since the last CMC. “Tell us…. stuff… let us hop on the back of your surf board as you carve this digital wave.”

He did better than that. He told us what the next wave will be. And it’s rolling in fast. Tablets and mobile. Tablets and mobile. What Disney did for film, Henson did for TV and Pixar for whatever Pixar did it for, Mind Candy wants to do for online, offline.

Nothing is finalised but Mind Candy are seriously considering how they could use their trusted brand as a platform for partner IP. Maybe commissioning in the traditional sense, or acquiring stuff: they have an open mind to all possibilities and want to talk to people who have ideas that they might love.

What sort of ideas? – ones they love, duh. But that could be something for boys (Moshi Monsters is quite girl-skewed), educational (as long as it hasn’t had the fun sucked out of it), a desktop property that can move to mobile, any age demographic (Mind Candy thinks Family in the way Disney does). And simple – Moshi Monsters came from the simple premise, “wouldn’t it be cool to adopt your own monster?”

So anything: go see them – at which point the room emptied in a stampede to take part in the speed pitching session with Michael that was about to start after this session. Not that I’m bitter or anything cos I had to stay behind to write this up. I just don’t have the word count left to remind you that he said be playful and childminded when creating ideas.
Jayne Kirkham

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