Getting To Grips With Young Children’s Learning

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2012 12:51pm

Blogged by Alison Kimberley

“Find out how to match the learning potential of interactive products with what’s appropriate for children under 5”

Being that we are all not children, I think that developing the understanding of children’s learning and interaction is something we all wish we knew more about. And so this session was great when Lydia and Joanna summed up their research and theories for us:

They have identified 3 methods of child learning:

1: Being taught– for example in a traditional school set up, teacher tells child new information and then asks them to write to show understanding.

2: Making sense– using knowledge the children already possess and building a further understanding.

3: Building knowledge with others– group learning, which can be aided by new technologies for example interactive touch tables.

It is found that the most successful learning method for children is to build their knowledge with others- however this method is rarely apparent in a domestic setting.

Digital Media is a great way to enhance learning by encouraging the children to become aware of social roles and their surroundings.

As well as to challenge delight, play values, discover curiosity, interaction on the device and with other children.

Produced by Btisam Belola

Presented by Lydia Plowman & Joanna McPake



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