Enabling Kids, Connecting Communities

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2012 3:41pm


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Enabling Kids, Connecting Communities

This inspiring session focussed on four different projects that create digital spaces and opportunities which encourage children and young people to engage with the real world.

Mission Shiregreen, is a project initiated by Sanctuary Housing Association to positively engage young people from the UK’s largest housing estate with their local surroundings. Using Mission:Explore’s platform, created by The Workshop, children gain points and earn badges by completing missions in the surrounding area. By engaging with community groups and schools, Mission Shire Green is already seeing positive feedback after only a few months. And, if you fancy having a go yourself, you can take part in the conference’s very own mission:explore! Find out more in the Hub while the conference is on.

Muvizu spoke about their work with Red Road Community Studio, an arts space based in a socially deprived part of Glasgow. Using animation, children are giving the opportunity to tell their stories and contribute to the community in a positive way. Geoff Clarkson, a teacher in a special needs school also spoke about the positive impact that is being had on children with autism through working with animation programmes such as Muvizu. By allowing young people to create something worth showing to their friends and family, not only are they able to express themselves but they are creating something worth showing, which is has a massive impact on their self-esteem.

Apps for Good and Radiowaves, also contributed to the session with their projects mainly based in schools, providing excellent opportunities for young people to engage in media industries and app making.

In all, the session was an inspiring look at the way young people can be empowered through technology, taking ownership of their own environment, communities, and their lives. The big question that rung out at the end of the session however was, how can we make these great projects sustainable? Through communication and collaboration between organisations, is it possible to create a culture which empowers young people to engage with both digital communities and the real world?

For more information on all of these projects find the links on twitter #cmcenabling

Introduced by: Tom Kenyon, Director of Education in a Digital environment Programme, Nesta.
Speakers: Iain Broome, Communications manager, The Workshop, Geoff Clarkson, Teacher, Muvizu, Colleen Eccles, Project Director, Sanctuary Housing Association, Kerry Kasim, Marketing, Muvizu, Mark Riches CEO and Co-Founder Radiowaves.
Produced by: Lori Camm, Senior Content Producer, Children’s BBC and Karen Johnson, Executive Producer Turmeric Media Ltd

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