Appyfamilies – Apps for Big and Little fingers

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2012 1:36pm

Blogged by Becky Coe

Produced by Btisam Belola, Insight and innovation consultant.

Speakers :

Glynn Hayward, Creative Director, Complete Control.

Bay Clark, Associate Director, Sherbert Research

“If you’re thinking about creating an app for kids, then this presentation will give you a great insight into your audience and the challenges before you start.”

The Big Question – What works for big AND little fingers?

Download the Sherbert/Complete Control Presentation

We’re all familiar with the phrase, “there’s an app for that”, but what really works, and what doesn’t? Do we really need an app to tell us what our children are crying about? Reality check….

Glynn and Bay are on board with the plan, and are researching what your app really needs to keep kids entertained, and prevent parents from pulling their ever receding hair out! Knowing your audience is key. Apps have become a great way for parents to amuse their children, create distractions or present awards, and kids love them too. The research team from Sherbert have got stuck into the world of children’s apps, testing a set of families and their experience with smart phones and tablets.

So what really works for children?

1. There are things young children can and can’t do, get the balance between easy and hard.

2. A 3 year old enjoys engaging with a parent, a 6 year old likes to do it alone.

3. A 3 year old can tap and swipe, but it’s harder to drag, a 6 year old can do most things ad adult can.

4. It must be ready to go, no instructions, no complications, just click and play.

5. Children like to win, earning points without any level of skill, and beating dads score is a winner.

6. Children like familiar characters. Whether it’s a Moshling or a pirate.

7. Children like to show their skills, let them be independent, and parents get a break.

8. Educational apps are great, but young children want fun fun fun!

There were some minor horrors discovered however, using an app on an smart phone or tablet can sometimes be frustrating in little hands, returning to the home screen or inadvertently purchasing multiple unwanted apps! But parents are still finding apps so much safer than little minds accidentally roaming YouTube.

Glynn and Bay finished the session with a film to really visualise the research they had found, and we enjoyed four adorable little mites demonstrating what kind of apps they like best.

Safe to say, playing apps give children smiles, and smiley children make smiley parents.

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