Specific, focused and driven…

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2012 1:45pm

These are the three things which graduates and students need in persuing a career, as Tom Webb discovered at the CMC students’ briefing.

Careers advice is a tricky subject, especially for a student. However, it’s only tricky for the person giving it because they’re more than likely to advise lawyers, engineers and doctors on the same day. However, when at a media conference, surrounded by professionals, creative’s and industry experts, if you’re looking for a career in the media, careers advice doesn’t get much better than this. For the volunteers of the CMC 2012 conference, this became apparent. After a meet and greet and a hello to some familiar faces, it was their turn to listen to the experts.

So what did they have to say?

Be specific, be focused and be driven. These are big things to ‘be’ and although they apply to most professions, nowhere is this more important than a job in the media. With ‘media’ being such a huge industry, specificity is vital. If you have a passion for something, feed it, let it grow and make it your expertise. Whether it’s blogging, encouraging health and fitness, or creating better representations of young people, make it your inspiration and drive when finding your feet.

Most importantly, do not ignore social media. Those reluctant to dive into the scary realms of twitter, be brave, take the plunge and open yourself to possibilities of making contacts. As more and more media jobs become available in sudden bursts of demand, often appearing in short notice, if you’re not online to get them, then they can’t be yours.

With the stage set, the volunteers inspired and the industry experts ready to stimulate Sheffield, the next few days promise to be full of interest.

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