One year on

Posted on: Tuesday 03 July 2012 11:02pm

Blogger Jayne Kirkham introduces herself as she peers over the top of her laptop and grimaces……

Well it’s a year since I was last here, a lot has happened in Jayne World and things move on. This blog has moved on, children’s media has moved on. And for a minute there, trying to log on to report for active blogging duty, I wondered where it had all gone! I found myself truffling around in a pig-breeding blog. And wondered where I had left my copy of that farming classic “Home Doctoring for Animals” with its medieval gadgets and strange uses for creosote.

But I’ve now caught up. And by the end of the Children’s Media Conference hope to have caught up completely with What’s Going On in this brilliant industry. Of course there are some areas that I know only too well what’s going on – I’ve been campaigning long enough to see the financial and cultural perils we face, to see the glimmer of hope in the proposed tax relief, to see how more needs to be done for our young people’s cultural entitlement to be met. But that’s all gloom and the Pollyanna in me is crying out for some happy, lovely stories for a change. Stories and news that will inspire and encourage me to get back out there and DO STUFF.

No I don’t need a group hug. Well maybe. It depends who’s wearing what fragrance (please no creosote). But I do look forward to catching up with old pals, making new ones, finding out what everyone’s looking for, making, doing… and revising cunning plans accordingly. One of which is of course to ensure that, where children’s media is concerned, Parliament also catches up on What’s Going On.

I may also lend them my “Home Doctoring for Animals” – given the ongoing banking crisis, medieval gadgets and creosote can’t make things worse, can they?