Is there a future for family films?

Posted on: Monday 02 July 2012 7:25am

Michael Rose invites you to find out about the future of family films on Friday 6th July at 2pm in cinema 4.

From Slumdog Millionaire to King’s Speech, British cinema has recently been described as being in a ‘golden age’. Yet family and children’s films account for less than 10% of the total number of UK films made. It means our children are mainly growing up on a diet of Hollywood studio fare. Does that matter? In this session we’ll be discussing the issues and talking about how we get more family films made and how can we can get them to connect with the audience.

We’ve got a great panel: Ben Roberts has just been appointed Director of the BFI’s Lottery Funds, one of the most significant positions in the British film industry. He has £21m/year to invest in development and production, and this is his first public appearance in the role; Joe Oppenheimer is senior Executive Producer with BBC Films. He’s got a long list of impressive movie credits, including the UK box office family hit, Nativity; Charles Gant is one of the country’s leading film critics, and film editor of Heat magazine. He also writes the weekly Guardian blog on UK box office which is a must read for the industry.

We want your views and input. Join us and take part, Friday 6th July at 2pm.

Michael Rose