How to execute….effective PR.

Posted on: Monday 02 July 2012 7:21am

Stephanie Barton is producing a session that will help you to understand more about how to execute effective PR in today’s fast-moving media landscape…

The Know me, Like me, Follow me panelists will debate the changing form of PR in children’s media. Chaired by Jeff Norton, the panel includes Mellie Buse from Adastra, and what she’s learned about the crucial role of PR in getting your ideas noticed; PR expert Jill Franklin from Franklin Rae and her thoughts on the best way to use PR in this complicated and fragmented landscape and can you actually control who reads what any more? Plus Stuart Dredge, freelance journalist and creator of the AppsPlayground website, and how he finds out about new content, apps and companies and the role PR plays in what he does.

Talking with the contributors it is clear that things continue to move very rapidly indeed and that the general public now plays a vital part in building a brand – or destroying a reputation. So what are the tools that are most useful to promote your ideas or brand? As the growth of social media changes the distance and time between creator and audience, how do you balance creative focus with the need to market and promote your work?

Join us on Friday, 6th July, Cinema 2 at 1 – 1.45 pm