A novel idea…

Posted on: Sunday 01 July 2012 10:59am

Christina Boonstra blogs for a second year, this time with a novel in progress.

A lot to learn.

I’m truly excited to get knee deep in blogs once again. Last year I was a fresh faced graduate with little to no plan as to how the year was going to pan out, and if I’m being honest, there still isn’t much of a plan.

This year has been a roller coaster ride of mundane and adventure all rolled into one. One adventure I took on was to attempt to write a 50,000 word novel…in a month. From that crazy decision made at the beginning of a murky November day I delved head first into the world of teen novels (minus the vampires). I thought it would only last a month but this strange and crazy obsession has grown, so here I am now in July plodding through draft number two of a very rough first attempt at novel writing. Needless to say I’ve learn a lot, and I’ve a lot to learn too.

For this reason I’m excited about the ‘Writers Work Out’ sessions and of course the ‘Shape It Pitch It’ sessions; not only because I’m fascinated with the creative process but because I love the buzz these sessions create. Even if you don’t make it to them you’ll most likely hear people talking about them at some point during the week. From the schedule it looks like we’ll also be going deeper into how we can further engage with new technology in fresh and creative ways,from apps to tablets and the repercussions this will have on the way we can engage children with media. There will of course be plenty of opportunities to chat and think outside the tablet shaped boxes, that’s what Pizza Express is for I heard.


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