Are we safe yet?

Posted on: Saturday 30 June 2012 8:30pm

Are we safe yet? Cinema 3, 3.40 – 4.40pm Thursday July 5th.
Questions can be tweeted before and during the session with #CMCSafe.
Internet safety for children will always be debated, says producer of ‘Are We Safe Yet?’ Olivia Dickinson.
So come along with your questions – and answers if you have them – as the panel debates what progress has been made in the 12 months since the recommendations of the Bailey Review.

We’ve requested solid progress points from the panel of contributors, including Reg Bailey himself.

How can media owners and producers engage with parents and children in a meaningful way to develop their media literacy? Who is responsible for educating children and parents to become media literate?

Should seven-year-olds have Facebook profiles if they’re supervised by their parent?

Does the Government, or the internet industry, or the media generally – over protect children online?

How can you market ethically to children online?

Is the self-regulation recommended by Reg Bailey the best approach? If less regulation is better, will any regulation have any effect?

Is all online brand activity a form of advergaming? Where do games and licensing begin and advertising stop?

Is active choice for new customers to the big ISPs a good or bad thing?

What about in-app purchasing and microtransactions – are kids safe from them? Do they need to be?

Reg Bailey is joined by Professor Jackie Marsh, Ian Douthwaite, CEO of Dubit Ltd and Simon Milner, Head of Policy at Facebook UK and Ireland, as they give their progress reports to Jo Twist, CEO of UKIE.

Don’t forget, questions can also be tweeted beforehand and during the session with #CMCSafe



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