A little blog – all about me!

Posted on: Thursday 28 June 2012 10:29pm

Alison Kimberley is the latest blogger to introduce herself ahead of the CMC. Alison will be coming to a session near you – next week.

So a quick introduction to me: I’m Ali

Over the past year I have been living in Manchester, which I love, and I’m lucky enough to study for my Masters at The University of Salford at Media City UK- in Children’s Digital Media Production. Whenever I tell people what course I study their first reaction is “Wow what is that?”………. so on the course we do a lot of research into what children want to watch and why as well as content making across different platforms.

I was asked to explain what areas of Children’s media I’m interested in, I wish it was that easy…… I like it all! I love children’s media because it’s multi genre, and I will admit that out of my 5 favourite TV programmes 2 of them are on CBBC, I think Arthur is absolutely amazing and I wish I knew what made it just so good and I’m sure I’m not the only ‘over 12′ who watches it religiously.

I have just finished working on a project aimed at the audience under 6, it was a live action mixed with pop up book style animation teaching the audience about different cultures and countries. I am now working on a documentary that I have based on the CBBC series “My Life’ about assistance dogs……can’t tell you too much unless you’re commissioning it.

Hope you enjoy CMC, see you there – Ali.