How online crowd surfing raises revenue.

Posted on: Wednesday 27 June 2012 11:27pm

Commissioned by the crowd

Becky Palmer is producing a session which could help you get funding from the public. Find out how at 9.40-10.40am, Cinema 3, Friday 6 July.

In Commissioned by the crowd we will hear from four people who have put their ideas on Kickstarter and Indiegogo to get funding for them from the public. Some were more successful than others and there is a real mix – a children’s online world (Tinkatolli), a documentary (Firebrace), a children’s book (Roger Nix at Six) and a Zombie running game (Zombies, Run!).

By talking to our contributors (Kevin McLean, Jason DaPonte, Nick Dazé and Naomi Alderman), it has struck me that this isn’t an easy ticket to funding – the majority worked hard to get their ideas noticed and they went on emotional rollercoasters watching the funding come in. However, it is a brilliant way to test the market for an idea. After all, if people will buy it before you’ve even made it, they must love the idea. It’s also a great way to stay in control of the editorial focus of your idea without having to bend to the whims of commissioners or investors.

My four contributors have helped me to understand that this is a new social way of enabling your ideas to come to life and that if you pick the right kind of project (something that people understand and is needed) and give it the right kind of treatment (seeding, a great video, selling your expertise) it’s possible to succeed. The one thing that has stuck with me is how positive they’ve been about the experience and how infectious their enthusiasm is.

Join us on Friday 6th July at 9.40, CInema 3 to see for yourself!

Becky Palmer,