Extreme blogging to be found here…..

Posted on: Wednesday 27 June 2012 10:57pm

A blog a day…

Nina Koo-Seen-Lin returns to the CMC for another round of blogging on behalf of people who can’t make all the sessions – which is everyone!

Nina re-introduces herself and explains how she’s taken up extreme blogging…..

Nablopomo. Does that mean anything to you? You’ll be forgiven if not. It stands for National Blogging Posting Month. The word is very weird and a bit of a tongue twister, the concept is not. It’s simply a challenge to blog every day for a month. This year the month in question is November. I, however, have taken things a step further and decided to blog every single day for a whole year. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

A couple of years ago my New Year’s resolution was to give up smoking. This year it was to post something on my blog, The Kooky Toon Book Corner every day in 2012. There have been days when I think giving up the cigarettes was easier. As a freelance writer I am used to deadlines and as I’ve gotten older I’ve become partial to a challenge (i.e. stubborn and afraid of failure). I haven’t yet failed. In fact there was one day when I went crazy and did two posts (on Wednesday 4 January to be precise).

Sometimes posts are planned out, longer and (what my lovely mother would say) a good read. Other times a post is a quick and easy job – a picture taken on the day, an ‘On My Wishlist’ post or a link to a fun site, blog, or review.

At the start I fretted over the chances of forgetting to post something which is silly because I never forget deadlines. Even so, every day for the first three months I had the word ‘blog’ on top of my To-Do list. Now I wake up and it’s as part of my daily routine as brushing my teeth or putting on clean underwear is.

The supposed benefits of Nablopomo (or in my case Nablopoye) is that you raise your blog profile. Mine wasn’t huge to begin with so it would be embarrassing if there was no improvement! It’s still a small number but my followers have reached double figures and I have more visitations per month. That wasn’t really my ultimate goal.

I started the blog so I could have my own platform to write, share my ideas and build connections. I’ve been able to meet some truly awesome people through blogging such as writers and illustrators, people in the publishing world and fellow bloggers. I feel more a part of the blogging community than I did a year ago and I definitely feel I’m in the know about certain things – latest themes and observations in the world of children’s literature and the media. Next year I won’t be as strict but I will use the method to (finally) start writing my two story ideas (they’re not even at a state to be called a novel or screenplay).

For now, I’m hoping that my blogging exercise will help me put during this year’s CMC. It’s my second time as a blogger for the conference. I’m looking forward to meeting friends I made last year and making new ones. Most of all I’m looking forward to taking up the exciting challenge of juggling two blogs at once. Yes, I’ll still be posting on my blog every day – I’ve still got the second part of the year to go!

Profile: Nina is a freelance fashion, food and lifestyle writer, originally from the suburban North West London world with a penchant for book blogs, Tatty Devine jewellery, tortoises and Sesame Street. A Literature graduate she contributes to various magazines and online publications and her blogging can also be followed at http://kookytoon.blogspot.co.uk/