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Posted on: Monday 25 June 2012 8:19pm

Co-Pro clinic.
Wednesday July 4th at 1-5pm, Hubs C

As producers gear up for the CMC, they will be giving reasons why you should be making their session a must see.

Here’s Helen Brunsdon, animation consultant and producer;

Speakers and experts from distribution, business affairs & legal reveal
insights into their experiences of finding funding, structuring funding for
projects, negotiating rights, exploring different territories, planning for
business as well as creative success and maintaining editorial and creative
integrity across the varying demands of a range of partners and

This four-hour session includes 3 mini-panels and two case
studies with speakers including: Genevieve Dexter, Serious Lunch; Tony
Collingwood, Collingwood O’Hare; Richard Rowe from Turner; Jackie
Edwards, CBEEBIES; Ken Anderson, Red-Kite; and Andrew Baker from RightsTV.

The afternoon is aimed at companies with developed projects, which are
near-ready for presentation to co-production partners, distributors and
broadcasters at the various international markets.

The workshop is about seeking feedback or advice on where to go next and
picking up tips from our case studies experts to how they have managed to
get their projects off the ground.

Delegates may submit questions beforehand to ask the experts as there will
be opportunities for group discussions and one-to-one meetings during the

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