Can comics deliver literacy?

Posted on: Monday 25 June 2012 10:14pm

Reading Between The Panels: Thursday July 5th, 5-6pm in Hubs C

Paul Gravett, co-director of London’s Comica Festival, presents an opportunity to discover the latest thinking and trends in the comics medium and its multiple applications.

Comics are a prime source material and language behind many of today’s most successful movies, games and TV shows. But what is the verdict on whether comics can improve children’s reading?

Is it all hot air or can graphic novels and manga really stimulate even the most reluctant young readers? And how effective are they not only for verbal literacy, but visual and critical literacy?

Hunt Emerson and Jim Medway, top cartoonists from The Beano and The Phoenix, and Mel Gibson and Russell Wall, leading educators from Northumbria University and the Stan Lee Excelsior! Awards, (to be announced in Sheffield on Friday July 6th), share their expertise in this passionate multi-media debate.

The session will be produced and hosted by Paul Gravett.


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