Prick up Your Ears – Thank You for the Music

Posted on: Sunday 24 June 2012 9:45pm

THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC 11am Thursday 5th July, Cinema 2

In the run up to the CMC, event producers will be letting you know why you should be going to their particular session. Here, John Bassett, Music for Kids, explains why his session is a must see – and hear!

The music component that can easily be the forgotten income! This essential
panel of music pros exposes the ins and outs of the potentially lucrative
music royalty income associated with Film, TV & other media platforms.

The panel of experts : Gary Downing, TV & FILM Sync Manager; John
Bassett, Business development expert in Music for Kids; Doug Boyes,
specialist in game & online audio content; Anne Miller, Creative Director
of a long established copyright collection service – discuss the sometimes
undervalued IP that surrounds a creative concept.
Plus, useful tips on how to safeguard and efficiently & effectively turn on the taps of this valuable income stream.


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