Don’t Miss Out…

Posted on: Friday 08 June 2012 10:53pm

Ticket sales in all categories for the CMC are up on last year, which is great, as want to welcome the entire children’s media industry to Sheffield from the 4th – 6th July.

But allocations are limited and some categories may sell out soon.

In particular the Wednesday Workshops can only accommodate specific numbers, so if you’re keen to get a full 4-hour, intensive, hands on afternoon packed with experts and focused on your needs – book now as they’re selling fast.

The workshops are:

The ever popular “Co-pro Clinic”

A reworking of last year’s successful “Shape It Pitch It” where you can develop projects in any medium.

An extension of last year’s Apps workshop “So Now You’ve Got an App”

An exploration of brand extension into products “Ready for Retail”

And the return of Alan Gilbey to his very own 4 hour workshop “The Writer’s Workout”

Alan promises it’ll be strenuous and leotards will have to be worn!

Workshops run simultaneously on Wednesday afternoon from 1 – 5 pm. (We know… it’s cruel to make you choose). You can arrive around 12, register, grab your lunch bag and get started on your CMC journey ahead of the pack…. and of course, “ahead of the game!”

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