British Animation Afternoon – more session info

Posted on: Thursday 26 April 2012 9:08pm

Continuing our series on the CMC- organised British Animation Afternoon seminars at the BIS Conference centre in Westminster on the afternoon of the British Animation Awards….

Case Study 1 – Fleabag Monkeyface

Speakers: Karl Woolley, Managing Director, Impossible Kids
Helen McAleer, Managing Director Walker Books UK & Walker Productions

Karl and Helen did a double-act presentation introducing us to the highly successful, fast-paced and fearsomely funny animated series ‘Fleabag Monkeyface’, a 52 X 11’ series, aimed at 6-11 year olds and screened on CITV in the UK.

Helen summarised how Walker Productions is a global division of the Walker Books group and develops Walker content for other media platforms- working alongside a range of production partners. They seek new partners and new projects which fit with the overall Walker brand which is how ‘Fleabag Monkeyface’ started out – as a series of 6 hugely popular books by the British award-winning writing duo, Knife and Packer, and published by Walker books between 2006-2011 with Walker Productions acquiring the rights from the author in 2009, leading them to acquire the TV tie-in publishing rights in 2011.

To get the TV series off the ground Walker Productions has worked with Impossible kids who have a record of developing and producing Children’s series, the animation studio and executive producer partner Sparky Animation is based in Singapore and Karl took us through how the funding split operates- with 60% based in Singapore (Distribution and L&M) and 40% remaining in the UK and covering underlying rights, Traditional publishing and TV tie in publishing.

The future? Hopefully more grossly silly episodes, merchandising and licensing and worldwide sales.

Blog by Helen Brunsdon