Getting Social

Posted on: Sunday 15 April 2012 4:11pm

The CMC bloggers are returning to the fold in the run-up to this year’s conference and they’ll be dropping in news, views connections and conversations in advance this year as well.

Check out our blog pages on the CMC site for regular updates from this unusual mix of academics and practitioners who’ll eventually also report live from every event at the CMC.

They’ll also be joined by regular guest bloggers with something to say or share – session producers, speakers, members of the CMC Advisory Committee – and you (we hope).

The first is a great piece by Jon Mason of Jollywise Media who was one of the CMC group at KidScreen and rashly promised to share his top tips on using social media to market yourself and your business. Jon duly shared and we are now sharing with you. Enjoy and be enlightened.

And don’t forget CMC is nothing if not social too. Join us on Twitter @childmediaconf or in our Facebook and LinkedIn groups. You can keep the conversation going, the partnerships building, and the information flowing. See you in Sheffield!