CMC British Animation Afternoon – Session 4

Posted on: Sunday 25 March 2012 3:00am

The CMC organised an afternoon of panel discussions and case-studies on the afternoon before the British Animation Awards – 15th March 2012. The topic was digital futures for the animation industry.

Thanks to Sanjay d’Humières for his blog copy:

Digital Exploitation on Other Platforms


Marc Goodchild, Founder IpDipSkyBlue


Maurice Wheeler, Planning Dir & Co-founder, DoCo

Juliet Tzabar, MD, Plug-in Media

Eric Huang, Publishing Director Media & Entertainment, UK Penguin Group

James Huggins, Director, Made In Me

James White, Development Director, Studio Liddell

Marc Goodchild chaired the largest panel session of the afternoon dedicated to digital exploitation on other platforms. The panel tried to assess whether digital is merely an extension of the television market or whether it has now become viable in its own right.

There was a consensus among the panellists that the use of games as extensions to a television programme can greatly enrich the viewing experience and create a cohesive experience for the audience

It was felt that animation projects have to be conceptualised with the digital extentions in mind from the very beginning and a project is less likely to succeed if it is just dumped in the digital world or badly transposed.

As Eric Huang explained, Penguin no longer just receives proposals from agents but gets an increasing number of ideas for development on digital platforms for a wide variety of creative sources.

Apps have been considered the easiest channel to make people pay for and although their initial cost may not be much, consumer loyalty can help generate regular revenue streams. An example of this is Rovio and their Angry Birds application, which has been one of the most downloaded in the App Store’s history. The cost of a basic app is estimated at £30,000 and the more versions you develop across the different operating systems, the more it will cost to develop and update.

From a marketing perpective, digital platforms have played an important role in reaching audiences in a cost effective way.

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