Guest Blog: When Kids Shine, So Will Our Future

Posted on: Thursday 16 February 2012 1:22pm

In this first of our regular series of guest blogs, Kate Henderson describes a UNESCO event which inspired her.

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On 8th February UNESCO held the award ceremony of their Children’s Eco Picture Diary Global Contest in Paris.

This contest, conducted in association with Panasonic Kids School, promotes awareness of ecological issues such as recycling and energy conservation through creativity and play. Children from around the world kept picture diaries of their eco-friendly activities and those with the best diaries were invited to Paris to collect their awards and take part in special events around the city.

The judges included soprano Sarah Brightman, who was appointed UNESCO Artist for Peace on the same day and actress Patricia Velasquez (The Mummy).

The Grand Prix Diary Prize went to Jeamyma Pazsa Natasuarna (pictured) from Indonesia. Her diary was full of colourful drawings about ways she helps the environment.

As part of the Panasonic Kids School the children visited World Heritage sites with 3D video cameras and recorded reports for Kids Witness News. Their inspiring reports were screened in Paris. The children said “the whole world should be a heritage site” and that it is “our treasure”.

Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO spoke passionately to the children explaining, “as an individual we can make a change, but together we can change the world”. She said that “every child who had created a project was an ambassador for peace and that they should continue to dream bigger”.

I couldn’t help thinking what great animated shorts the children’s drawings would make and how inspiring their images and words are for children’s films and other media.

You can find more information on Kids Witness News and Eco Picture Diaries here:

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