The Hunt is on…

Posted on: Thursday 05 January 2012 6:43am

For topics and session ideas for this summer’s CMC.

Send your ideas to

The CMC Advisory Committee is currently hard at work looking at theme and content. They come up with the ideas for sessions, workshops and masterclasses, but so do you. What makes the Conference unique is the fact that the content comes directly from the interests of people “on the ground” in all parts of the kids media industries. If you have a topic you feel should be covered, describe it in a paragraph or two and send it to Greg.

And for volunteer session-producers for this summer’s CMC.

If you feel you’d like to be involved send along a CV

Session producers are the people who pull together the ideas, formats, speakers and editorial focus for each session at the CMC, and they drive the hour or 90 minutes through to completion at the event.

You can offer a session idea, or you can simply volunteer your expertise and time to produce a session from the range of ideas on offer.

A couple of weeks before Christmas, last year’s session producers came together to let us know how the CMC went from their point of view. They were unanimous on two points: session producing takes time and dedication; but it’s enormously satisfying to produce something which informs and enlightens the industry – and the networking is good too!