Conference Wrap

Posted on: Tuesday 19 July 2011 7:22pm

Sanjay d’Humières chokes back a tear in the final moments of CMC 2011.

The Conference wrap was the time where all good things had to come to an end. Anna Home, Chair of the Conference, took the opportunity to say a few words and extend her thanks to all those who made this year’s Children’s Media Conference possible.

There was however, one final piece of good news with the announcement by Anna that the lobby group Save Kids’ TV (created at the Showcomotion children’s media conference 5 years ago) had been given a new lease of life by merging with the Children’s Film and Television Foundation to create a new entity to be called The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF). Not only will CMF carry on its lobbying work in the field of television but will now have a view on all media used by children, and all the issues surrounding that media.

The new organisation will act as a focus for advocacy around children;s media issues, will monitor the quality of content, help to stimulate, and disseminate academic research, and offer the press, public and politicians a measured view of children’s media rather than the sensationalist view so often reported now. It will also act as Secretariat to the recently formed All-Party Parliamentary Group on Children’s Media and the Arts, bringing information and insight on kids and media into the heart of the legislature. And finally Anna said that the Foundation is now looking for supporters and patrons.

The founding members of the new Children’s Media Foundation board will be Anne Home who will be the Chair, Greg Childs, CMC Editorial Director, Linda James outgoing CFTF Chair, and Nigel Pickard a member of the SKTV Executive.

Finally, the CMC’s volunteering team presented their short film capturing some of the key moments of the last three days and “thinking differently” from several delegates.

Anna closed the Conference with the hope that everyone would return next year for more insights, debate and collaborative learning.