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Posted on: Monday 11 July 2011 8:28am

Kids lobby group’s voice gets louder

The UK Children’s Media Conference closed with the news that lobby group Save Kids’ TV (SKTV) has merged with a film and TV development fund to launch a broader media campaign.

SKTV has joined forces with the Children’s Film and Television Foundation (CFTF) to create the Children’s Media Foundation (CMF), a new group that will focus on not only lobbying for the UK TV industry but also for the animation and film sectors too.

The initial CMF board will comprise former BBC Childrens’ boss Anna Home as chair, CMC editorial director Greg Childs, CFTF chairman Linda James and Zodiak Family and Kids boss Nigel Pickard. Further board members will be announced in coming months.

SKTV launched at the 2006 CMC in Sheffield under Home in response to ITV’s decision to pull out of kids’ commissioning. “It was created as a one-issue organisation in 2006 but we’re now expanding because there are other ongoing crises in British media,” Home told C21 today. “We are bringing our voices together to make them louder.”

The news comes after Lord Puttnam told CMC delegates earlier this week that the crises in UK media, such as the News International phone hacking scandal, meant it was the perfect time to lobby the UK government for change.

CMF will attempt to influence a new communications bill currently being planned by culture secretary Jeremy Hunt.

In further news out of Sheffield, the CMC welcomed 777 delegates this week, including delegations from China and Argentina, compared with just fewer than 550 last year.

“We don’t plan to become a big international event but it’s great to have people coming from around the world,” said Home. “We’ve had people from as far as Jordan attending this time round.”

Jesse Whittock
8 Jul 2011
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