Unlikely Visionaries – How kids are Predicting and Designing the future

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2011 2:37pm


Sanjay D’Humieres find out how kids will determine the future….

Introduced by Btisam Belola, Insight and Innovation Consultant, Brew Collective

Speakers: Steve Mushkin, Founder & CEO, Latitude Research and Neela Sakaria, Senior Vice President, Latitude Research.

This morning’s session was all about finding out how children see technology evolving in the future. Steve Mushkin and Neela Sakaria both visiting the conference from Boston, USA gave us some insight that will be increasingly useful in years to come.

They shared some results of their Kids Innovation and Discovery Study (KIDS) which they conducted back home. They invited a group of children to their offices and asked them the following question: “What would you like your computer and the internet to do, which it does not already?”

Before the answer was revealed, Steve asked members of the audience to form groups and to think like children and to draw their answers. Not surprisingly all the answers were the same: A computer than can talk to you and even read your mind!

However, what was surprising is that the answers of the audience were very close to those of the children interviewed in Boston.

Neela gave us three great insights following the research that her team has done:

  • 77% of those children surveyed said that they wanted more responsiveness from the computer and the internet and a need for it to be more intuitive and interactive.
  • The Digital versus Physical divide is disappearing.
  • That technology can increase flows of creativity in children.

There are three key facts to be remembered from this session and the results we were presented with:

  • Children love to be spoken to and asked for their opinion as they feel empowered.
  • They have an intuitive relationship with technology and they are not afraid of it.
  • A need to give children all the platforms they need and want in order to express their creativity.