Animated Yorkshire Breakfast

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2011 2:26pm


Jayne Kirkham gets animated over breakfast…..

08.30 hours is a horrid time of the day. Not early enough to make you feel smug that you’re up while lesser mortals sleep, but too early considering the night before.  At least there were croissants and pastries and a goodie bag thanks to the lovely people from Animated Yorkshire.  And coffee…lots of coffee.

Animated Yorkshire is a neat little network of animators from… Yorkshire.  They’ve made the idents you’re seeing at the beginning of each session.  They’ve made the idents you’ve been seeing on CITV.  They’re ready, willing and able to work with you.  And they’re very nice people.  This is turning into an infomercial.  And why not, they gave me breakfast and a nice little drinks bottle that I can fill with rum for emergency daiquiris.  Who says 0830 is a horrid time of the day?  Anyone got any limes?