The Co-Pro Clinic

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2011 5:54pm


The Co-Pro Clinic – Sanjay d’Humiers attends……

Introduced By:
Steven Andrew, Creative Director, The Foundation
Produced by:
Lucy Murphy, Development Executive , Freelance

The Co-Pro workshop opened by Judith Rooney from UK Trade & Investment, gave delegates a useful insight in what they can expect when co-producing content with international broadcasters. Tatiana Kober from Canada, Steven Kim from Korea and Zhiyuan Ma from China all presented the merits of co-producing in their respective countries and the financial incentives they all offer. Owen Stickler however, brought it all home and showed that funding is also available closer to home in places such as Wales and the Republic of Ireland and the importance of protecting the UK creative economy. Mr Ma told the audience that over 100 million Chinese youngsters watch his channel, CCTV Kids, equivalent to 40% of the under-18 population in China!

The second session of the workshop was devoted to pitching; how to get it right and convince commissioners that your project is the one they should buy. To help us get a better understanding on how this is done we heard from a panel of experts including Chris Rose, Oliver Ellis, Andrew Baker as well as Muriel Thomas and Tom van Waveren. There was a clear consensus that attention to detail was key to a successful pitch not forgetting the essential ingredients that are the bible, scripts, the design, your people and finally the pilot if you can afford it. Sufficient audience insight in the market your pitching to was also deemed essential.

Presentations about consumer products as part of a 360° approach to programme-making for children were also given. It was highlighted that not all programmes benefit from having consumer products and that whether to have them or not should be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

At the end of the session, participants were given the opportunity to network through speed dating style meetings lasting no more than five minutes. This allowed people to share their thoughts on the workshop and to find out more about others delegates attending the Children’s Media Conference.

Ken Anderson, CEO and Creative Director, Red Kite
Beatriz Asúa, Senior Trade & Investment Officer, UK Trade and Investment, Madrid
Andrew Baker, MD,
Fabiana Cabral, Trade & Investment Adviser, UKTI Buenos Aires
Michael Carrington, Chief Content Officer, EMEA, Turner Broadcasting
Sophie DeBodisco, Senior Trade Advisor, UK Trade and Investment, Paris
Oliver Ellis, Joint Managing Director, Hoho Entertainment
Jules Heaton, VP Global Brand Management, HIT Entertainment
Henrietta Hurford-Jones, Director of CBeebies Investment, BBC Worldwide Channels
Steven Kim, Team Director, Global Business Department, Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA)
Tatiana Kober, President, Bejuba Entertainment
Zhiyuan Ma, Deputy Director, Programme Department, CCTV-KIDS
Celine Ong, Trade and Investment Manager, UKTI Singapore
John Morris, Senior Vice President, Sales & Coproduction, Cookie Jar Entertainment
Richard Powell, Vice Consul, Creative & Digital Media, UK Trade & Investment USA (Tri-State region)
Michael Rose, Producer and Co-Founder , Magic Light Pictures
Graham Saltmarsh, Licensing Director, Turner CN Enterprises
Owen Stickler, Managing Director, Dinamo Productions
Muriel Thomas, Head of International Sales & Co-production , Entertainment One
Yan Zhang, Trade & Investment Officer, UK Trade and Investment, British Embassy Beijing

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Steven Andrew


Head of CBBC IN House Production


Ken Anderson

Red Kite Animation



Beatriz Asúa

UK Trade and Investment, Madrid

Senior Trade & Investment Officer


Andrew Baker



Fabiana Cabral

UKTI Buenos Aires

Trade & Investment Adviser


Michael Carrington

Turner Broadcasting

Chief Content Officer, EMEA


Sophie DeBodisco

UK Trade and Investment, Paris

Senior Trade Advisor


Oliver Ellis

Hoho Entertainment

Joint Managing Director


Jules Heaton

HIT Entertainment

VP Global Brand Management


Henrietta Hurford-Jones

BBC Worldwide Channels

Director of CBeebies Investment


Steven Kim

Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA)

Team Director, Global Business Department


Tatiana Kober

Bejuba Entertainment



Zhiyuan Ma


Deputy Director, Programme Department


John Morris

Cookie Jar Entertainment

Senior Vice President, Sales & Coproduction


Celine Ong

UKTI Singapore

Trade and Investment Manager


Richard Powell

UK Trade & Investment USA (Tri-State region)

Vice Consul, Creative & Digital Media


Michael Rose

Magic Light Pictures

Producer and Co-Founder


Graham Saltmarsh

Turner CN Enterprises

Licensing Director


Owen Stickler

Dinamo Productions

Managing Director


Muriel Thomas

Entertainment One

Head of International Sales & Co-production


Yan Zhang

UK Trade and Investment, British Embassy Beijing

Trade & Investment Officer


Lucy Murphy


Development Executive